ClearlyCrystal.net is where I, Crystal B. Shepeard, do my best to clarify the chaos of politics, current events, and this thing we call life. My passion for politics is not about expressing my opinion (though I have one – or several), it’s about helping readers make sense of the spin. After years of writing about the hot topics, I’ve learned one important thing: Don’t forget the nuance.

In the age of quick takes and punditry everything seems chaotic. It’s only in the lowered voices and between the well written lines that the nuance becomes clear. Even the most passionate debates can be explained – if you pay attention to the detail.

ClearlyCrystal.net is about clarifying the chaos – not to promote a worldview – but educate, inform, and maybe even entertain.

The thoughts here, like life, will be random. The topics, varied. I experience the world and share what I see and learn.

You can most often find me on Twitter @clearlycrystalb, or email crystal@clearlycrystal.net.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Hi Crystal,

    I am the host of The Tony Conley Morning Show that broadcasts weekdays from 6 – 9 A.M. Eastern Time on 25,000 Watt News-talk radio station 1320 WILS and 1320wils.com in Lansing. We are a Fox News Radio station.

    We would love to schedule a phone interview with you for Tuesday morning between 6 – 9 A.M. Eastern Time for 6 – 8 minutes to talk about your ‘Big Banks Start Campaign to Destroy Credit Unions’ story. What time might work best for you? What phone number should we call?

    Thank you,

    The Tony Conley Morning Show
    1320 WILS & 1320wils.com
    Weekdays 6 – 9 A.M.
    Facebook – The Tony Conley Morning Show
    Twitter @ TCMorningShow


  2. Hi Crystal,
    I just ready your article in Care2.com, “Lack of Fear leads to an Increase in STDs and HIV for Young People.” We’ve just launched a next generation STD testing and sharing site that is working to solve some of the problems you’ve brought up. I think your readers would be very interested and I’d love to speak with you about it more!


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