Throwback Thursday: Pumping Gas With An Eagle

This is my version of Throwback Thursday – Posting blogs from from the past.

Originally posted May 10, 2006

Living in Los Angeles is like nothing else. If you stay here too long…or if this is the only place you’ve ever been…your sense of reality can get very warped. I’ve been out in the rest of the world often enough to know real life isn’t this.

Take an ordinary experience such as getting gas. Everyone does it…every day. Like everywhere else in the world, gas prices are insane right now. Unlike in the rest of the country, our gas in California is especially high because not only do we have to deal with the same issues affecting your gas prices, we have refineries shutting down this time of year so they can switch over to some sort of state required, environmentally sound altered gas….something about lower emissions or something. So that cuts our supply…right about the time demand goes up…and so does the price.

In order to combat the high gas prices, for the past couple of years I’ve put myself on a budget of $25.00 a week. I limit my driving to things I have to do (i.e., auditions, going to clients, etc.) and am able to not drive for two days a week. This has cut down on my social life tremendously…but at least I’m saving money.

So today was the day to fill up. The station at the corner is charging $3.45 for regular…so my $25.00 will get me roughly half a tank.  Fortunately, I haven’t been doing a lot of driving…so I would be able to get an almost full tank of gas.

Just as I start filling up, a black Mercedes drives into the middle island. A man gets out who looks very familiar….dressed in the LA suit of blazer, dress shirt and jeans. I  couldn’t help but stare. I turn away, beginning to realize that this man was probably thinking I was flirting with him….which I wasn’t.

And then it hit me. gawd. It was Glen Frey. Yes, THAT Glenn Frey…Mr. Eagle himself!!

Now notables are quite common in this city. It’s like a wild safari with celebrities…this is their natural habitat. I usually don’t say anything when I see one…best not to disturb the animals, if you know what I mean. But this wasn’t a celebrity…this was a freakin’ legend!!  I couldn’t just let him walk away.

So I go over to him…fortunately I was dressed in a suit, so I looked sane.  I went over to him and said…”Glenn Frey?”…okay, it was more of a question.

He confirmed my suspicion. I apologized for staring…and told him it was just so surreal to see him.  To which he replied, “Another rock and roll moment in LA, pumping your own gas!”  I laughed.

He then said, “It’s finally spring!  Great weather we’re having!”  If you’ve read my earlier blogs, you know I don’t do well with small talk.  Weather is small talk. And here I was on a Wednesday afternoon, pumping gas and Glenn Frey was talking about the weather with me.

All I could think is ‘Fuck, I suck at small talk.”

I think I said something about finally being able to enjoy my convertible…at which point he noticed my Mustang.  “Great car!” he says.

“Fuck!  This is Glenn Frey!” Is all I could think.

“Yeah, I like it. It’s fun.” I’m sure it sounded just that stupid.

So…not being able to figure out the small talk dynamics, yet again, I decided to remove myself from the situation to prevent any further embarrassment, told him I was a big fan…and I just wanted to say hi.  He shook my hand, said thank you.

Through all this, I had actually forgotten to pay attention to the pump.  By this time it was finished.  I went $4.49 over my $25.00 budget.

Fuck it.  I pumped gas with an Eagle!


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