5 Fascinating Things I Learned This Week – Edition #1 08/03/13

I am an information junkie. I am unable to stop when I want to and I take every possible moment to get my fix. And when I’m not getting my fix, I’m thinking about the next time I can fill my brain with something new.

It’s also very useful for avoiding house cleaning.

I’m so good at hiding it, I know do it under the guise of “working”. Really, I have a job that pays me to read up on politics and current events and then write about it. They actually pay me to do this. I don’t have the heart to tell them I’ve been doing it for free for years.

Prior to my job, the benefactors of my addiction (or victims, depending on your perspective) are the friends and family on my Facebook feed. I’m pretty sure most have me muted on my feed, probably a lay over from my incessant political postings during the last election. Though many enjoy it, admitting I am one of their primary news sources.

That thought both flatters me and terrifies me.

My posts are random and can include politics, science, sports, or technology. What you will never find on my page, however, are dogs, kitties or other cute animals (what is it with the Internet and animals?). Whatever it is I post, it’s of interest to me.Perhaps it made me laugh, or angry, or caused me to want to find out more.

The common thread for everything is I learned something new.

I truly believe to complete the process of learning you should share your knowledge with others, which they will hopefully find interesting or useful (assuming it doesn’t include anything that would normally be highlighted on TMZ).

So, in no particular order, here are five fascinating things I learned this week.

  1. Italy has its first black cabinet minister and racists aren’t happy
    Cécile Kyenge was elected in February of this year to the Italian government’s equivalent of the House of Representatives for the Democratic Party and was appointed as the first black minister ever in the Italian government.  Her opponents have let her know their dislike for her and her policies by comparing her to an orangutan and throwing bananas at her during speeches.

    Who do they think they are? Americans?

  2.  AMPAS has had three female presidents and now a black one.
    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences just elected their first African-American president and only their third woman in the Academy’s 86 year history. Cheryl Boone Isaacs joins screenwriter Fay Kanin and actress Bette Davis as the only members of the chicks rule club.

    It’s understandable that there have only been three because there couldn’t have possibly have been another woman – or ten – that were perfectly qualified in 86 years.

  3. The last person on earth to have smallpox had a name.
    Ali Maow Maalin contracted smallpox in Somalia during the 1970s from an infected family he drove to a the clinic. He made sure he isolated himself, making sure he didn’t come in contact with anyone else. Three years later smallpox was officially declared eradicated. Ali dedicated the rest of his life trying to eradicate polio in his native Somalia. He was a vaccinator and working on a resurgence of the disease when he contracted malaria, where he died on July 22, 2013.

    A life lived paying it forward.

  4. Earth Kitt was earthy
    Eartha Kitt’s only daughter, Kitt Shapiro, has designed an eco-friendly lifestyle collection centered around her late mother’s love of home and respect of the earth. Eartha raised chickens, grew vegetables in the back yard and even kept a compost pail in the kitchen.

    Who knew catwoman was the original urban farmer!

  5. There is a cognac that can cure every disease in the world
    At least that is my assumption for justifying the delivering via a Rolls Royce Ghost an alcoholic beverage encased in a diamond and gold encrusted decanter, and selling the contents for $1000.00 an ounce – or $22,000 dollars for the whole bottle. Because if this cognac isn’t a magic elixir and doesn’t cure every disease known to woman and man, then there are a whole bunch of people with too much money on their hands about to get taken for a scam.

The more you know…


One thought on “5 Fascinating Things I Learned This Week – Edition #1 08/03/13

  1.  Was getting them when I saw them on Twitter.. this should be easier    

    Pat R “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” F.Nietsche



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