The First Day of School

The first day of school went well.  We got to the classroom about 8:10.  He loved the fact that he had to sign in (as did I).  He went right over to put his backpack in his cubby hole…and took out his water bottle because he wanted some water.  He didn’t seem interested at all in playing outside much – so I had to take him out there (their outside time is first thing in the morning when they get there).

At about 8:45 I asked if it was okay if I left…he then said his tummy was hurting a little bit.  I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom – he said he needed more water and grabbed my hand to go back to his cubby hole to get his water.  I asked him if he was nervous about me leaving and if he wanted me to stay.  He said no.  I asked again if it was okay if I left – and he said yes. I made sure he was near one of his teachers when I did.

I had forgotten my phone (which is also my camera) in the car.  We had parked on the other end of the campus because all the parking in front of the school area was taken – so I walked back there before I went to the first day of school breakfast.  I didn’t cry or anything….but with each step further and further away from his classroom – there was definitely a feeling of change that came over me.  I was knocked out of my deep thoughts when I almost ran right into [*WARNING – TOTAL L.A. MOMENT ABOUT TO OCCUR*] Mark Curry (Hanging With Mr. Cooper) socializing at the breakfast. On the way back from getting my phone, I said hello to a very tired Holly Robinson Peete leaving (I later learned via Twitter that she has a 2nd grader and a 5th grader there).

I went into the breakfast and listened to the pleas of volunteering, etc., etc. (I’m waaay too stressed out right now to participate. I know how obsessive I get with volunteering. Must resist – for now).  I introduced myself to my “sponsor parent” (all new families get one).  Mine is someone that went to the school as a student and now has a child there.  She’s also president of the Family Student Alliance (FSA – our version of the PTA).  One thing about this school – it seems like no one ever leaves.  His teacher has been there for 26 years.  And there are several families of former students with kids of their own there.  I hope I’m not joining some sort of cult.

After a few minutes, I took care of some administrative stuff and then decided to sneak back to the classroom.  It was a little after 9:00 a.m. I caught them in circle time – just at the point little man was raising his hand to say something, LOL (the teacher said “thanks for raising your hand!)!  My baby was officially a school boy.

The nanny and I went back to pick him up (with both needed to learn the pickup routine). He very much wanted to repack his lunch bag and backpack. I asked him if he saw the note I left in his lunch bag (yes, I was THAT mom this morning.  I’m going to try to keep it up).  As we were leaving, that’s when he shared his observation that they didn’t do much learning.  I assured him that it was just the first day and he would have plenty of time to learn new things.

On the drive home, I realized he was getting grumpy – which means hunger, for him.  He said he had eaten some of everything of what I packed for him (I had packed two types of fruit, two types of dry snacks and juice).  Upon inspection, I realized he didn’t each much. This is one of my big worries with him.  He is very particular – and never eats well in unfamiliar surroundings.  I can’t even really get him to eat well at friends’ homes.  I’m hoping in time it will change – but I’ve honestly been trying to get him to eat outside of the home (i.e. at the park) for over a year.  Nothing has worked.  He will pretty much only eat at home and at Denney’s.  He will also sometimes do McDonalds (not that I take him there a lot!).  Fortunately, he’s only half day – so he eats lunch at home.  But he can be a bit grumpy and difficult when he’s hungry – so I’m worried about behavior issues resulting from that.  Fortunately, he’s been good about eating breakfast in the morning – so that’s something.

After school, I went to work and he and the nanny had lunch and then went to the park.  This proved to be great because all of his friends are now in their second year of preschool and they all are showing up at the park at the same time (previously, he would be there before them – and be leaving shortly after they got there).  So my fears of not having much planned after school have been alleviated.

In the end, it was a good day of school.  Though he did say, “I hope I learn more tomorrow.”


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