Billionaire lesbian sex and alternative government

I’m trying to get in the habit of blogging more.  I’m a writer, I should write, right? My ability to do so on any type of regular basis is often thwarted by the demands of trying to keep money in the bank (the writing doesn’t pay….yet), being a single mommy to the most amazing four-year old, and the related Parenting Onset Attention Deficit Disorder (it’s not ADHD – too fucking exhausted to be hyper about anything).

This doesn’t mean I don’t find things to write about.  In fact, my Facebook page is a showcase of some of the things I’ve scanned online during lunch or the five minutes I find to check out my Twitter between doing errands and shuttling the kidlet to his swim class.  For the record, if you follow me on Twitter (@clearlycrystalb), please note that my favorites list isn’t a list of my favorite tweets…it’s a reading list that I plan on getting to later.

Which brings me to this post.  While I’m sure the friends and family on my Facebook that see the steady stream of political ramblings, scientific discoveries and the reposts of George Takei graphics would argue otherwise, the things I post (with as much commentary as I can muster before the pot on the stove boils over) are just a small sampling of all that I peruse throughout the day.  The Internets provide an infinite amount of items written with the right amount of clarity and brevity that allow the POADD afflicted me to scan in the amount of time it takes for my four-year old to discover the best toy EVER, subsequently get bored with it and beg me to play Legos with him.   The problem is, I often have so much more to say about it but don’t have the time at that moment and end up not posting it.  Anywhere.

And that’s just wrong.

For example, did you know that there is an alternative government?  The Republic for The United States formed on July 4th of this year.  It already has at least one senator, from the Republic of Iowa, Senator Randi Shannon.  She was the GOP nominee for the state of Iowa (that’s in the United States of America…which shares a birthday with the Republic for the United States), but she gave up running for the current government in order for a guaranteed position with the original government (which only existed until 1860, according to them).  I would tell you more, but their Facebook page isn’t brimming with information and their website doesn’t seem very reliable.  But they do have a study guide! Perhaps the Republic hasn’t found a good  Internet provider that takes their currency.

Also, Sarah Silverman, a well-known Obama supporter, is trying to raise money for the Obama campaign.  She has offered Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire bankrolling Mitt Romney’s campaign, traditional lesbian sex with her if he would just pledge that $100 million dollars to Barack Obama’s campaign.  No response yet from Adelson. Before you click – remember it’s Sarah Silverman.  Think about that if you are at work or children are around.

For the record, if billionaire lesbian sex between a man and a woman isn’t legal in the Republic for the United States, I do not want to live there.


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