Do As I Say Do

I have a theory.  I truly believe that those who make it their life’s mission to force others to live a certain kind of life do so out of  1) a fear of those they wish to control and 2) a deep hatred of themselves and their lives.  It also does not surprise me that these type of people gravitate to the most rigid of religious institutions.

I have neither the time or money to prove my theory – but now and then, little gems like this pop up that make me think it wouldn’t be too hard to prove my theory correct.

Maggie Gallagher is a big foe of gay marriage.  No, really, it says so in this article: The making of gay marriage’s top foe –  Mark Oppenheimer spends a lot of time on the background of Ms. Gallagher (by the way – I’m pretty sure she would really hate me calling her “Ms.”) and how she has spent her life defending traditional marriage and ended up being the face of the opposition to gay marriage.  Maggie is a nice person and is truly not a bigot or wish harm on the people she disagrees with.  She really believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and children should only be with their biological parents, who, of course, are married and never get divorced.  Marriage is also the only place sex should occur – and the only purpose for sex is procreation.  Marriage is good for women, children and society….you get the picture.

How does this prove my theory?  Maggie got pregnant shortly before graduation from Yale, by a guy that was kinda sorta her boyfriend. They never married, and after a couple of years of trying to make it work – left her to be a single mom.  (She did later marry and her husband adopted her son and they later had another son).

Just in case it isn’t clear: A woman who got pregnant out-of-wedlock (apparently she was surprised that this could happen), who married a man who was not her baby daddy, had a son with said man (who also raised his non-biological son) – meaning she had two sons with two different men – is the biggest crusader for traditional marriage and against gay marriage (as well as single motherhood – and, the article seems to imply, against the raising of children by non-biological parents).

She has a book coming out in June, “Debating Same Sex Marriage”, a point/counter-point book co-authored with a proponent of same-sex marriage.  The only thing that could make this story more perfectly ironic is a wedding announcement from her eldest son (the out-of-wedlock one) at the time of the book release.  Did I mention he is now an aspiring musical theater librettist in New York?


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